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Monitor online news and social media posts

Get an instant view of your brand and media exposure across global news and social media sources to track your brand reputation, moves by your competitors, or specific industry news. Uncover advocates and customer pain points, and better understand the impact of your communications on audience sentiment, share of voice, and key message pull-through.


PR Solutions - Social listening and media monitoring


Monitor the entire media ecosystem

Get real time access to millions of online news, blogs, broadcast, podcast, and print sources, as well as social media listening. Monitor outlets for relevant brand and keyword mentions, such as products, spokespersons, topics, and key messaging. Build customized search profiles with keyword logic to watch for the mentions that matter to you across 150+ countries in multiple languages

  • Articles across 170,000+ news sites
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Content in 25,000+ podcasts
  • 10 million+ daily posts to discussion boards
  • Millions of blog posts
  • TV and radio content worldwide
  • LexisNexis and NLA premium content
  • YouTube and other streaming sites


With the Notified PR Platform’s media monitoring and social listening, track ongoing coverage to identify trends. Focus on the mentions and metrics that mean the most to your business or your clients. Narrow in on specific KPIs such as exposure, sentiment, engagement, and quality of engagement.



Filter the noise

Focus only on what’s relevant. Advanced filters allow you to only see the mentions that matter to you. And you can instantly share found articles across your social channels or via email, and post them directly to your online newsroom.


Filters include:

  • Coverage date
  • Media type
  • Sentiment
  • Keyword combinations
  • Specific websites
  • Region and language
PR Solutions - Social listening and media monitoring


Get alerted

Never miss a mention or conversation. Get recurring digests of daily, weekly or monthly mentions. Or set up alerts so you can know instantly when you have any unusual increases in mentions.

Notifications help you:

  • Stay on top of your coverage
  • Be responsive to issues that arise
  • Monitor trends or competitors


Engage your audience

Respond to fans, curious users, and potential customers the minute they interact with your topics.


Share your coverage

Present earned media mentions and KPI data in beautifully formatted, branded coverage books to showcase the value of your coverage.


PR Solutions - Social listening and media monitoring


Discover new influencers

Get access to actively updated lists of journalists and influencers writing about your selected topics, and automatically add them into your media contacts database.


Control the narrative

Media monitoring and social listening are powerful tools for taking control of your brand’s narrative, staying up to date on your market or competitors, unearthing opportunities and making strategic data-based decisions. Notified PR Platform dashboards provide at a glance views of the PR metrics that matter most.


Track metrics including:

  • Mentions
  • Engagement
  • Sentiment
  • Reach
  • and much more


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