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Relevant and actionable insights for every press release

Get rich metrics–beyond just reach and volume of activity.

Looking deeper than the old measures of impressions and advertising value equivalency (AVE), Notified's media insights capabilities help you understand the value of your media campaigns. Our tools bring you actionable analytics that improve audience engagement and contribute to lead-generation.

A more nuanced and multi-faceted approach to analytics gives you the data needed to understand the impact of communications and lead the way forward. Leverage performance metrics to understand the exact impact of your media outreach:

  • Share of voice
  • Social media activity


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Integrate metrics and analysis throughout your workflow

Strategy, tactics, and measurement come together in a coordinated effort.

Data-driven, outcomes-based PR demands the tools and technology to measure brand sentiment, customer engagement, and message resonance. Notified provides a strategic framework to uncover meaningful insights. The integrated Notified PR platform enables you to identify moments of impact that you can take advantage of at every stage of your PR program.



Custom reports and media briefs curated by PR industry experts

Notified's expert researchers can prepare an executive news brief containing headlines and summaries from your industry. Let Notified provide you with a fast, accurate way to monitor media coverage, stay on top of industry trends, and stay up to date on your competitors.

Receive executive media briefs and analysis reports in a presentation-ready format, making it easy for all stakeholders to understand the findings.



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AMEC and SABRE Award Winners

Notified is a member of AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication. We are proud winners of the AMEC Awards for Best Multi-Market Reporting and Best Improvement of a Measurement Journey in 2019. We are equally proud to have been awarded the Diamond Award for Superior Achievement in Measurement and Evaluation at the 2020 EMEA SABRE Awards.