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Let our team build custom alerts and detailed reports tailored to your specifications and KPIs. Using human curation and research powered by artificial intelligence, our team expertly blends quantitative data with qualitative analysis to deliver complete coverage of your brand across all global media sources.



Let Our Team Do The Research and Heavy Lifting

With Executive Media Briefs, you can save time by letting our team of seasoned researchers curate the most important news affecting your business. Get the information you need delivered in fully customized and branded reports, delivered as often as you need them. Media Analysis Reports demonstrate the value of your PR efforts with deep-dive custom reports that are presentation-ready and rich with insights. Our team of researchers will read, analyze, and report on media coverage to give you a detailed look at your performance.

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Let Our Team Do The Research and Heavy Lifting
What’s in your Executive Media Brief 2

What’s in your Executive Media Brief?

  • Customized template that matches your brand
  • News segmented into easy-to-read categories
  • Content sourced from online, traditional & social media
  • Delivered daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Hyperlinked titles with direct access to content
  • Text previews of each article in your brief
  • Sentiment for each article coded by one of our analysts


We’ll closely review online news, blogs, print, and social media sources for mentions of your brand and chosen topics. Our team does the hard work for you, making it easy for you to track media coverage, follow industry activity, and keep an eye on your competitors.

See examples of executive media briefs for Western Digital and Ingram Micro

What’s in your Media Analysis Report?

  • Presentation-ready, custom branded report
  • Executive summary
  • Data visualized in charts and graphs
  • Analyst commentary providing context and depth
  • Report methodology to ensure consistency of approach
  • Glossary of terminology
  • Reading source lists used to compile report


Analysis reports are delivered in presentation-ready format, making it easy for all stakeholders to understand the findings. Reports are branded and formatted to your specifications, delivered when you choose, and available in multiple formats including mobile-friendly HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or Word.

See an example of a media analysis report - Click Here

AMEC and Sabre Awards

AMEC and SABRE Award Winners

Notified is a member of AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication. We are proud winners of AMEC Awards for Best Multi-Market Reporting and Best Improvement of a Measurement Journey in 2019. We are equally proud to have been awarded the Diamond Award for Superior Achievement in Measurement and Evaluation at the 2020 EMEA SABRE Awards.

" The Notified customer support team is one of the best in the business and it is a pleasure working with such a professional organization. Our emails are answered promptly – often within minutes – they are proactive, mindful of our needs and bring a customer-first focus to everything they do. The extra effort they put in makes our jobs as communicators easier and is greatly appreciated. "
Danielle Gaut, Sr. Corporate Communications, Ingram Micro Inc.
" The analysis of the company's media coverage that we developed together with Notified gives us valuable insights into how our strategies work in reality. Being able to analyze changes in media patterns over time and obtain Notified’s insights and recommendations strengthens our ability to adapt messages and media choices. "
Johan Live, Group Communications Manager, Serneke Group Communications.