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Content that is accessible for your audience

Inclusion and accessibility are not just buzzwords; they are part of the commitment Notified makes to our clients and their stakeholders. Enabling accessibility is often viewed as a complicated and onerous endeavor. Luckily, Notified has baked accessibility into our investor relations (IR) website development and maintenance.



Make your investment story accessible for everyone

There are important users of your investor relations (IR) site with accessibility needs. Vision, hearing, and other limitations should not keep them from consuming your content. The technology is available to provide access for everybody, and there are guidelines available to judge a site’s accessibility.



Accessibility by design (and expertise)

Thinking about accessibility after the fact is a challenge. Starting with a Notified template means starting with a design built for all the major accessibility rules. Along with WCAG, we can deliver IR sites that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), among others. We can bring insight that will save time and increase the availability of your story.



Be recognized for your commitment

How well a company provides accessibility for people with different abilities contributes to ESG and DEI rating systems. Our shared commitment to fulfilling accessibility requirements can earn a company recognition and appreciation from stakeholders.



Proactive compliance simplified

If you are working quickly and acting on your ideas, you don’t want to alienate your audience that relies on accessibility features. Know that website accessibility is top of mind and baked in even when designs change, content grows, or regulations evolve. Notified can deploy automated accessibility scans at any time, making it quick and easy for your team to maintain accessibility for your IR website.  Automation alone can’t address all accessibility challenges; our team is always available to answer questions and take action on accessibility concerns.



Added benefits of accessibility practices

Enhancing your investor relations website with a thorough accessibility strategy does more than merely meet compliance requirements. By incorporating accessibility, your site not only improves usability for technologies such as screen readers, but also enhances the ability of search engines and AI tools to properly analyze, comprehend, and index your content.

Tell your story. To everyone.