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Powerful features, IR-friendly workflow

With years of experience and thousands of premier clients, Notified’s IR Websites provide more than just a compliance solution. They help you tell dynamic stories that advance your IR initiatives. Robust technology and a knowledgeable team ensures your IR website is a powerful tool for your investor relations communication and engagement strategies. Notified understands the investor relations workflow. Our purpose-built IR platforms and service model give you the confidence to focus on your core IR initiatives.



Beautiful, capable, and informative design

Notified IR websites are built using a proven, enterprise grade platform and a CMS that was purpose built for IR.

  • All the content stakeholders expect, from stock data to corporate governance.
  • Modern designs provide a seamless mobile experience and beautiful formatting that reflects the brand and story.
  • Multi-language capabilities offer the ability to localize, manage and publish content to every audience segment.
  • Robust automated email alert options give users/visitors access to the information they choose and generates a potential investor target list.
  • Analytics that provide actionable insights into visitor activity and behavior.




All the content stakeholders expect, including:

  • Stock data
  • SEC filings
  • Email alerts
  • IR calendar
  • Video content
  • Press releases
  • Quarterly results
  • Annual shareholder meeting content
  • Corporate governance



World class service committed to the craft of IR

Notified is not just a platform. We are your communications partner, acting as an extension of your IR team. Our IR-centric service teams understand the communications needs of investor relations professionals and companies looking to IPO.

  • We’re where you are—our full-time staff are located across the globe, including in the U.S.

  • We’re on your schedule—with 24/7 support, we’ve got your back any time of day or night.

  • We’re on it—our dedicated service team is responsive to your needs with website updates often made within minutes.



Purpose-built for Investor Relations

Put your website in the hands of a company trusted by more than half of the global Fortune 500. We understand your needs and can guide you to make and maintain an engaging IR website.

  • Dynamic SEC filings: Notified brings extensive regulatory filing experience, including EDGAR filing services, XBRL, tagging, and automating the posting of your SEC filings to the IR website.
  • Easy access to information: Website visitors can find all the relevant information they need to form an accurate picture of the company story.
  • Common compliance documents built in: Governance library is in place with required documents like charters, board diversity matrix, and board of director profiles.



Designed for Accessibility

Get a website designed from the ground up for accessibility. With a combination of tech and human expertise, we demonstrate our commitment to accessibility every day.

  • Baked into templates: Start off on the right foot. Our IR website templates are built with accessibility in mind. 

  • Accessibility Expertise: Our internal team is trained on accessibility standards and best practices and will guide you every step of the way.

  • Stay on top: Notified systems and people keep accessibility front of mind and help address issues across the site.



End-to-end security for your IR website

Rest easy knowing that your Notified IR Website is built with the robust security tools and processes you need–including secure file upload, multi-factor authentication, SSL certificates and more.

  • Confident disclosure timing: Simple, automated workflows manage disclosure timing.
  • Secure collaboration with Notified: Control the timing of information release with security top of mind. Functionality such as secure file upload ensures sensitive content is uploaded in a timely and secure manner.
  • Access for (only) those who need it: Multi-factor authentication and robust user access control keeps access limited to assigned people.
  • Secure and certain website for visitors: Maintain SSL certificates for encrypted communication and website visitor trust.
  • Third Party Verified: Notified is SOC 2 type II certified as part of our commitment to ensuring enterprise grade security that keeps your information safe at every step of the process.

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