Events in a Hybrid World


Create integrated and interactive experiences for all of your audience types with tools that blend in-person and digital channels. Notified Event Cloud offers a full range of solutions from personalized immersive experiences to deep production expertise, while capturing real-time event data and analytics.





Power Human Connections to Connect, Engage and Inspire

Deliver personalized and immersive experiences whether attendees are in-person, digital or a bit of both. Bring people closer together and bridge communication between different channels before, during, or after the live days.

  • Build anticipation before the event
  • Surprise and delight your audience during the event
  • Fuel your community after the event


Transform Ideas into Immersive Experiences

Ensure your event not only continues but reaches anyone, anywhere with a full range of solutions and expertise. Our teams of leading production and creative professionals will put you at ease and turn your ideas into a one-of-a-kind experience with full-service production management.

  • Leading on-site production from staging services and decor to show management and exhibit services.
  • Production technology including audio/video, lighting, real-time interpretation and more
  • Creative services from event strategy and design to branding and content development


Notified is a proud partner of Encore. Together, we are redesigning the shared experience tailored to your unique needs.



Content is King!

Content not only helps you build trust and connect with your audience, but also fuels year-round engagement. Curate your program for each of your channels, considering length and format. Capture key moments in a single environment and extend the life of your content with flexible live, simulive, and on-demand programming powered by Studio, our enterprise-grade webcast platform.


Move Into the Heart of the Marketing Mix

Events are a critical element of the marketing mix and a major driver of pipeline and revenue. Notified offers powerful tools to help you maximize your success with a single source of unified event data and content.

Marketing Mix
Sponsorship and Monetization


Sponsorship and Monetization

If it is customizable, it is monetizable. Offer your sponsors cross-channel opportunities to maximize value and drive brand awareness. Provide sponsors with:

  • Tiered sponsorship packages to blend the best options and increase value
  • Highly targeted recommendations to connect with and meet other people who are aligned with their professional goals and interests
  • Pre-, during and post-event engagement tactics to extend value long-term
  • Real-time insights on performance and ROI


Mobile Event App

Give attendees all the tools they need for maximum event engagement with a powerful event app

  • Save time by building a personalized schedule reflecting both in-person and online meetings
  • Boost engagement by offering attendees an easier way to do session evaluations, participate in gamification activities, and chat live with attendees and sponsors
  • Confidently ensure important announcements are seen by all attendees with in-app and push notifications
  • Allow attendees to consume content at any time during or after your event
"Just a heartfelt thanks for how well Notified made us look for this year’s Annual Meeting. The changes in the platform created an awesome experience for our members, and they told us so. "
Reggie Henry, Chief Information Officer, ASAE