MoneyGram Case Study (Investor Relations)

When MoneyGram needed a redesigned IR website, Notified was there to provide a custom-built, digital experience.

April 11, 2023

About MoneyGram

MoneyGram is leading the evolution of digital P2P payments. With a purpose-driven strategy to mobilize the movement of money, a strong culture of fintech innovation, and leading customer-centric capabilities, MoneyGram has grown to serve nearly 150 million people across the globe over the last five years.

Use Case

MoneyGram has utilized its investor relations website to help tell its investment story and drive stakeholder engagement.

Over the past few years, MoneyGram used Notified IR Cloud to seamlessly deliver its earnings calls and webcasts. But in 2021, MoneyGram asked the Notified team to redesign its IR website and take it to the next level.

Working together, Notified designed a custom-built, digital experience to engage MoneyGram’s stakeholders by creating an enhanced, dynamically updated IR website.

MoneyGram Laptop


From the very beginning of the project, Notified and MoneyGram collaborated over strategic planning calls to understand MoneyGram’s vision for its IR website.

The Notified team designed a creative and dynamic website template that prioritized a cleaner look and feel.

As part of the approach, MoneyGram’s redesigned IR website featured an “In the News” section with news, statistics, events, and presentation links. The MoneyGram IR website also featured a responsive, mobile-friendly design, making content easily accessible for the increased number of mobile visitors.

With this new design from Notified, MoneyGram was also able to expand the types of content it was creating to tell its investment story, adding an increased number of media assets, news articles, and more.

Throughout the project, the Notified team provided 24/7 customer support with immediate responses and ensured each deadline was met on time and above expectations.


  • 243,002 - Total IR website page views in 2021
  • 108,886 - Total unique IR website visitors in 2021
  • 22,346 - File downloads from IR website in 2021

 “The Notified team is very proactive and easy to work with. They’re incredibly responsive and kept me updated every step of the way. If any other company reached out about working with Notified, I would say yes!” 

Sydney Schoolfield 
Media & Public Relations Lead | MoneyGram

MoneyGram Case Study