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We just launched three regional ESG circuits within GlobeNewswire press release distribution. Keep reading to learn more!

Pete Kidd

April 11, 2023

To keep stakeholders connected to your company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts, we’re proud to announce that we’ve just launched three regional ESG circuits within GlobeNewswire press release distribution!

Each of these ESG circuits includes our comprehensive regional circuit and wire network, plus a carefully curated list of journalists and media outlets who have a special interest in ESG as well as other trades covering environmental and philanthropic topics.

Check out our overview of the newslines below.


ESG North America – Includes USA National, Canada National, and North America-centric ESG trades and journalists (405 contacts representing 151 outlets).

ESG Europe – Includes Budget Europe and European-centric ESG trades and journalists (1,260 contacts representing 525 outlets).

ESG Asia-Pacific – Includes Budget Asia and APAC-centric ESG trades and journalists (157 contacts representing 81 outlets).

In addition, press releases sent on any of these circuits will be featured on GlobeNewswire’s ESG newsroom.

These circuits are also available as part of our new ESG communications bundle.

Why Choose GlobeNewswire Press Release Distribution?

GlobeNewswire lets you share your ESG news with media, investors and consumers around the world. 

GlobeNewswire gives you a wide range of options to target the most relevant audiences.


  • Generate media coverage – Deliver your news to ESG-related media outlets and influential journalists through specialty newslines. GlobeNewswire’s comprehensive distribution networks reach news agencies and sites such as the AP and Bloomberg, Google News, business journals, content aggregators, financial databases, trade publications, online and broadcast media.

  • Optimize your news with multimedia – Enhance your news with Media Snippets and embed a carousel of images, infographics, audio and video to tell a more engaging story.

  • Boost brand awareness and discoverability – Drive online discoverability and search results for your company. Use GlobeNewswire to provide Google and other search engines with content from an authoritative source.

  • Measure the impact of your releases – Get post-distribution Newswire Analytics reports that provide comprehensive metrics on reach, access, social engagement, and visibility to help you understand the impact of your communications.

  • Get full-service editorial support – Trust our editorial team to work closely with you, even under tight deadlines. We provide 24/7/365 support, and translation services when needed.


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