Multimedia Press Releases: Engage Media and Consumers

Most newsrooms are confronted with thousands of press releases every day, making it impossible for each one to receive the time and attention it deserves. If you’re a public relations professional, how can your press release rise above the noise? By including multimedia storytelling. 

Bridget Ann Peterson

April 10, 2023

Most newsrooms are confronted with thousands of press releases every day, making it impossible for each one to receive the time and attention it deserves.


Even if a company, brand or politician is making an important announcement, their news might get lost or go unnoticed due to the sheer volume of news releases that editors need to wade through.


If you’re a public relations professional, how can your press release rise above the noise? By including multimedia storytelling. 


Keep reading to learn why news releases that include multimedia are so important, and learn tips you can implement today!




Why Are Multimedia Press Releases Important?


Multimedia press releases contain the customary press announcement, but also contain embedded (and downloadable) videos, images, links, audio clips, social bookmarking sites, detailed infographics and much more. They are comprehensive resources, giving journalists digestible and detailed information about a story with engaging content for media professionals and consumers alike.


By taking advantage of the powerful tools these types of news releases offer, you can increase the chances of exposure in newsrooms and ultimately with important stakeholders – including investors, influencers, decision makers and consumers.


This can be particularly important when multiple organizations are announcing very similar stories, all vying for the same limited space – or mention – within an industry or news segment.


Create Compelling Storytelling Using Press Releases


Multimedia press releases help grab a journalist’s attention by saying more with fewer words, leaving it up to the journalist to effortlessly dig deeper for more information as needed.


How can you get the attention you deserve?

  • Images are by far the most popular items to include in news releases.
  • Detailed graphs and infographics are also attractive options when communicating highly technical information.
  • Videos can also make content – such as statements, formal addresses, commentary, and recorded press conferences – more accessible for journalists. During a crisis, speaking on camera is invaluable since it helps show sincerity and a commitment to solving an issue or situation, all while helping to control the message.


With our current travel restrictions, access to this salient content helps increase the reach of the news release to local and key trade outlets.


Unlike text-only press releases, the flexibility offered by multimedia-rich news releases helps journalists and newsrooms craft stories with angles that are more engaging for their target audiences. It also gives them the building blocks to tailor their stories for their specific platforms (traditional and social). 


Since the media are continually striving to attract and keep readers on their platforms or websites, a press release with appealing content has a better chance of gaining the media’s interest, and ultimately, a better chance at exposure. 


Use Press Releases to Create a Lasting Impact


Some news days are busier than others – think elections, or even big tech announcements. A multimedia press release may not always get the immediate attention desired, however, it may be given new life in the future.


When a journalist has the time to dig deeper into a specific subject, the rich visuals and audio content found in these news releases helps them become top of mind. This may lead to requests for expert opinions on trendy topics, or the use of charts and graphs that clarify and illustrate complicated ideas.


Quick access to these resources is invaluable for journalists and helps solidify a company or brand as an authority. In-depth articles may mean that journalists include a few companies in one single article; however, it is very likely that the multimedia components will be remembered long after the consumer finishes reading the article.


A winning strategy can be as simple as adding a spokesperson’s photo and bio to the release, which can send a signal to a newsroom that your client is well prepared. This may result in being selected for a coveted quote or interview, which might occur on the day of the announcement or months later, depending on a variety of factors.


A Powerful, All-In-One Press Release


As communications professionals put together their campaigns and plans, they should always remember to allocate time and budget for producing engaging multimedia content, such as videos, images, PDFs, graphs, audio clips and white papers. These materials might traditionally have been packaged and sent as “B-roll” or glossy press kits.


Luckily, with the advent of multimedia press releases, this enticing content can be conveniently shared with journalists across the globe at a fraction of the cost it used to take, when you consider all the raw materials, assembly time, shipping and logistics no longer at play.


Thanks for reading, and best of luck in creating your next multimedia press release!


GlobeNewswire's Media Snippets let you embed carousels with infographics, audio and video elements - including live streaming events - directly into your press release. Go beyond text by adding multimedia that drives engagement and visual interest to your news.


Producing high quality photos or video in-house is not always possible for various reasons - time of year, prior engagements, closed access to facilities, travel restrictions and more.


Through its commercial division, The Canadian Press relies on its national network of professional copywriters, photographers, videographers and designers to create branded content for clients and their multimedia news releases.