How PR Pros Can Showcase Media Coverage to the C-Suite

Learn more about Coverage Books in the Notified PR platform. 

Sylvie Harton

April 11, 2023

Have you ever garnered an earned media placement for your business in a leading publication—maybe even with a spokesperson quoted—and when you shared your weekly or monthly PR measurement report, your C-suite did not react the way you expected? 

Did they go straight to asking about social media shares before acknowledging the hard work it took to get the media coverage, and the brand and business value of the article?

Depending on the audience, you may find you’re more successful in getting recognition and creating excitement when you share a more visual report. A report that goes beyond data visualizations and shows the articles themselves, with topline metrics noted, but not as the main focus. 

The addition of relevant comments on each article, such as, “This is from [insert spokesperson]’s interview with [insert journalist] on [insert date]” can help with context, and may serve as a reminder and a thanks for the time of spokespersons. 

This is something we’ve heard from our PR customers at Notified, and now, we’ve released a new feature to address this issue: Coverage Books in the Notified PR platform

Notified Coverage Books Let You Quickly Create Media Reports

Our new feature not only lets you showcase earned media coverage, but also owned media content and topline metrics in customizable, branded digital reports. 

Because they are fully integrated within the Notified PR platform, Coverage Books eliminate the need for time-consuming design and tedious steps in compiling your coverage from disparate sources. 

Showcase and share media coverage in a well-designed report for visibility from executives and clients. It’s easy to make a great impression with Coverage Books!


Notified Coverage Books Highlights 

  • Easy to set up and fully customizable to match company colors and logos.
  • Content for your Coverage Books is based on tags from your Listen profiles.
  • No limit to the number of articles and posts in each coverage book. 
  • Each piece of content includes publisher, reach, and social media share data. 
  • Easy to add, remove, and sort content, and add inline comments to any article. 
  • Unlimited creation of Coverage Books. 
  • Optimized for desktop or mobile viewing, and easy to share across your organization. 

Most importantly, Coverage Books add an additional reporting format option to our suite of built-in templates for overview reports, competitive reports, top content reports, sentiment reports, date comparison reports, and word comparison reports, as well as social account reports for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and newsletters and alerts. 

Make sure that your top media placements are seen and valued. Your CEO may be more excited than you think! 

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