How Navient Uses the Notified PR Cloud

Learn how the Navient team uses Notified to successfully deliver, monitor and measure their PR communications.

Pete Kidd

April 11, 2023

“Working with Notified has helped us simplify our processes and keep everything in one place."

-Paul Hartwick, VP of Corporate Communications at Navient

Learn how the Navient team finds incredible value in using the Notified PR Cloud to make their lives easier.


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How Navient Uses the Notified PR Cloud

Navient is a leading provider of education loan management and business processing solutions for education, healthcare and government clients at the federal, state and local levels. Navient helps clients and millions of Americans achieve success through technology-enabled financing, services and support.

At Navient, their corporate communications team oversees public relations, investor relations, brand storytelling and social media management.

“We’re a small but mighty team,” said Hartwick. “We also work closely with marketing, government relations and marketing research in a collaborative fashion.”

Inside the Notified PR Cloud, Navient uses a variety of solutions. This includes GlobeNewswire press release distribution, Executive Media Briefs and Media Analysis Reports and a hosted company newsroom.

Keep reading to learn more about how Navient uses Notified PR Cloud featuring excerpts from a short interview.

Media Monitoring

“With Notified, the data we get from media monitoring, such as share of voice and volume is important, but it’s also important that we know who’s talking about you and your industry and where they stand - are they proponents, are they neutral or are they opponents?” said Hartwick.

“You need to understand your relationships with these groups, and you need to have relationships with all of them - positive, negative or neutral.”

Media Briefs and Media Analysis Reports

“We really try to be data driven. You have to embrace it and ask the questions constantly - what is this showing us? What insights is this giving us?” said Hartwick.

“Through Notified, we get a daily media brief that looks at our coverage and coverage about our competitors and industries and we can learn from that,” he said. “It’s also the same for social media, and looking at our mentions and how they spike and fall.”

“It’s really important to look at the data and where we stand, and understand where we fit in the broader spectrum and bring that context to our executive team. It’s really easy to get myopic when you just look at the coverage you get,” said Hartwick.

“It’s great for us to have that context through our media brief and to be able to share that with people, including executives.”

Online Newsroom

“There’s less trust in the media, and there’s a hyper-partisanship in the media. It’s created an opportunity for corporate communicators in terms of content creation,” said Hartwick.

“We can speak directly to audiences about our business. With Notified, our online newsroom helps us get out key messages and multimedia storytelling which can deliver content directly to audiences in a credible way.”

“The other trend we see is media newsrooms getting smaller. Journalists want as much content as they can have - they want fact sheets, infographics and videos,” he said.

“When you can fill that need with an online newsroom, it’s a win-win for journalists and your organization.”

The Importance of Being Data Driven

“Communications professionals should constantly be looking at how they’re measuring things and how they’re using data to inform work and get smarter every day,” said Hartwick.

“It’s really important to understand what your baseline metrics are, so you can see how things are changing. Communicators have to improvise and react in real time.”

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