Send Press Releases Using GlobeNewswire’s Expanded Footprint

Distribute your press release with GlobeNewswire's expanded footprint which includes over 180 new partners across 38 countries, covering 51 industry sectors. Keep reading to learn more.  

Karen Yu

April 11, 2023

The past two years have been challenging, both professionally and personally, as we adapted to working with more flexibility and creativity. 

Despite the impacts the pandemic has had, effective communication remains critical for organizations of any size and nature. The need to distribute press release and key corporate announcements pertaining to earnings, developments, products, and milestones is of increasing importance.

Evergreen and other industry-specific types of content have also steadily grown in interest for trade/industry publications and journalists.

With that in mind, GlobeNewswire, which operates one of the world’s largest press release distribution networks, is proud to announce its expanded distribution footprint by adding over 180 new partners across 38 countries, covering 51 industry sectors. Keep reading to learn more.

Distribute Your Press Release with GlobeNewswire 

GlobeNewswire strives to deliver the right content to the right audiences in real time.

To do so, we partner with media outlets and websites that can benefit from receiving our customizable newsfeeds that correspond to their specific audience and content needs. This ensures we don’t spam our partners with unwanted content and in doing so, increase the chances that the desired content receives appropriate attention - either for syndication posting and/or editorial use, which could lead to media coverage.


New Partners and Industries to Target with Your Press Releases

Among the 180+ new GlobeNewswire partners, popular industries include cryptocurrency and blockchain, business and finance, health, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology. 

Some of our expansion highlights:

  • Several cryptocurrency/blockchain partners, including Cryptodaily Online, Crypto News BTC, and Visionary Financial in the U.S., Block Prism and Crypto Reporter in Asia, and Blockchain Domain and Crypto News RSS in Europe. 

  • Business and finance news outlets such as such as Advisor News, Äripäev,, Financial IT, Fintech Futures, Goldea Capital in Europe, Citywire Canada, in Canada, and Tiger and Taiwan Business News in Asia were also added.

  • Among the health, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, notable additions include BioSpectrum Asia in Asia, and L’actualité in Canada, Pharmatutor in India, Healthcare Newsdesk in Europe, and Health Economics and Life Science Leader in the U.S. 

Other important GlobeNewswire regional expansions include:

  • Asia: FUTU, the Hong Kong-based website and trading app called “富途牛牛, is the most popular trading app in China and serves 70% of retail investors in the Chinese market today. 

  • Canada: Black Press is home to some of the oldest, most established newspapers in Canada’s western provinces. This new partnership is made up of 80 publications, including a Canada-U.S. cannabis news publication.

  • Latin America: The DINO network, one of the largest corporate news portals in Brazil, reaches hundreds of print/online media and extensive network of editorial desks and journalists throughout Brazil.

  • Spain and Portugal: GlobeNewswire content now reaches the news desks of approximately 3,000+ new journalists via Agencia EFE in Spain and Portugal and strengthens our preexisting Agencia EFE partnership in Latin America. 

  • United States: Associated Press’ AP Enterprise Services, a brand-new component of the news agency, was added, enabling GlobeNewswire content to be available to financial firms and professional customers in addition to our existing distribution partnership to newsrooms.

GlobeNewswire continues to be a trusted source of corporate news and information to thousands of global media outlets, online news portals, financial desktops, and journalist communities. Getting your critical information to the right places is our passion.

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