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Attract Attention With Press Releases


Build awareness, boost online visibility, and get more media coverage. GlobeNewswire distributes press releases and multimedia content on behalf of thousands of customers every year, including growing businesses, agencies, non-profits, and many of the world’s largest public companies. We have options to fit your specific needs and budget, and editorial services that are second to none.



Reach Audiences Worldwide

Whether your needs are local or global, our proprietary distribution network and relationships with media partners around the world provide expansive reach for your news. GlobeNewswire press releases reach 92 countries in 35 local languages, and you can choose from more than 1,000 newslines to target your news by geography, industry, and media type. For investor relations professionals, we provide distribution options for material and financial news distribution, along with regulatory filing solutions.

Reach Audiences Worldwide
Boost Visibility and Engagement with Multimedia Desktop

Boost Visibility and Engagement with Multimedia

Gone are the days of text-only press releases. Our Media Snippets let you embed interactive carousels with infographics, PDFs, audio and video elements - including live streaming events - directly into your press release. Go beyond text by adding multimedia that drives engagement and visual interest to your news. Your multimedia materials can also be easily distributed to AP Photo Express, the CP Photo Network, Newscom Archive, Yahoo! Photo and YouTube.

Get Full-Service Editorial Support & Translation Services

Your news is important. Typos, broken links, and missed deadlines are not an option. Our editorial team can work with you to help prepare and distribute your news and answer questions you have along the way. We provide 24/7/365 editorial support, and can also provide translation services when required.

Full-Service Editorial Support
Analyze & Measure the Impact of Your Releases2

Analyze & Measure the Impact of Your Releases

Understand how your press releases impact your business and brand with Newswire Analytics post-distribution performance reporting. Instantly connect to the data you need to help measure the performance of your GlobeNewswire-distributed releases — the number of people who viewed it, social media shares, multimedia engagement, link click throughs, and more. Newswire Analytics delivers meaningful metrics in a user-friendly format, using widgets and live dashboards instead of static reports. Your report is available immediately after your release is published and is easy to share with whomever you choose.

GlobeNewswire and the Notified PR Platform

As part of our end-to-end communications solution, full-service GlobeNewswire press release distribution is available within our Notified PR platform. In one place, and with one login, you have everything you need -- social listening, media monitoring, a media contacts database, press release distribution, online newsrooms, and measurement. It’s PR software that’s integrated, intelligent, and easy to use.

An exclusive benefit of GlobeNewswire distribution inside the Notified platform is enhanced reporting and analytics – including complementary earned media reports . We tap into our global monitoring capabilities to provide you with online media coverage resulting from your press releases so that you can tie ROI directly to your press releases.

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GlobeNewswire and the Notified PR Platform