The Top Challenges of Planning & Hosting Webinars

When it comes to audience engagement, the way we currently approach webinars leaves room for improvement.

Pete Kidd

April 10, 2023

Webinars (aka webcasts) haven’t changed much in the last 20 years.


While they continue to be an effective tool for marketers, internal communicators, investor relations professionals and more, the current approach leaves room for improvement when it comes to audience engagement.


Simply put: There are lost engagement opportunities when it comes to today’s webinar flow.


In 2020, EVERYTHING moved online - and audiences now expect more from the webinars they attend. Their appetite for engagement has also increased.


On the flip side, this also means webinar fatigue is setting in as more and more webinars flood the space. You must strive to be different to stand out and rethink how you build your approach.


How can you overcome the challenges of planning and hosting webinars in 2021? Keep reading to find out.


What Are the Biggest Webinar Challenges?


Let’s start by identifying the three main challenges facing webinar planners. Today, the current webinar setup means there’s a:

  • Lack of engagement in the build up - There’s no true destination to send people to. Your emails in advance get people excited, but then they register and just hear, “See you at the event.”
  • Reliance on registrants' memories - Once the webinar ends, content is quickly and easily forgotten. There are no reminders or recaps of what was just discussed. The engagement around your session has ceased.
  • No post-webinar interaction - Once the event is over, attendees get sent to a survey page or - even worse - a website. How do you keep the conversation going amongst attendees?


For you to overcome these issues, it’s important to rethink what a webinar truly is - it’s no longer just a presentation. It’s an experience.


How Do You Solve These Challenges? Introducing Lobby Experience  

To solve these engagement challenges, it’s time to reimagine your webinars using Lobby Experience from Notified.


Lobby Experience lets you create fully-branded pre- and post-webinar virtual lobbies to extend audience engagement beyond just the live day. You have the power to capture and gauge your audience’s interest before and after the live presentation through a range of interactive widgets, including: countdown clocks, chat panels, Q&A, polling, surveys and videos.


With Lobby Experience, you can:

  • Extend the engagement time of your webinar
  • Keep your audience informed with interactive content
  • Leverage one-time webinars to nurture your marketing strategy
  • Increase brand awareness, promote your thought leaders, share related content and promote upcoming webinars
  • Convert more webinar leads into paying customers


Want to see this game-changing platform in action? Watch our on-demand demo hosted by Notified President Ben Chodor.

Lobby Experience-screenshot