How Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Impacts Journalism and Public Relations

We hosted a special webinar in partnership with The Canadian Press on the important topic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the newsroom.

Pete Kidd

April 11, 2023

Telling stories that are diverse and inclusive requires critical analysis of information from various perspectives and voices.

On April 28, we hosted a special discussion with The Canadian Press about how media organizations are embracing DEI in the stories that get told and who gets the opportunity to tell them.

Moderated by Sylvie Harton, SVP and Global Head of Strategy, PR and IR Solutions at Notified, our conversation also benefited public relations pros, as it’s important to understand this widening lens for better media relations and reputation management.

So - how are journalists and communications professionals adapting to changes involving DEI? Keep scrolling to view some short clips from the discussion, and be sure to watch the full conversation on demand.

Where Do We Currently Stand When It Comes to DEI and Newsrooms?

Joanna Smith, Ottawa Bureau Chief at The Canadian Press, shared some important data from a recent survey about where newsrooms currently stand.


What Are the Short and Long-Term Goals for DEI in the Newsroom?

Maan Alhmidi, a reporter and editor at The Canadian Press, discussed his perspective on the challenges newsrooms face and possible solutions moving forward.


How Will DEI Changes in the Newsroom Impact Media Relations?

Andree Lau, Managing Editor of Digital News at the CBC, shared some tips for PR professionals when it comes to media outreach.


Watch the Full Webinar On Demand

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We encourage you to watch the full conversation on demand to learn even more about this important topic and hear key takeaways from our expert panel.

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