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World-class media monitoring

Get an instant view of your brand and media exposure across global news and social media sources. Create searches that give you the insights you need, when you need them – your brand reputation, moves by your competitors, or specific industry news. Get immediate notifications delivered the way you prefer.

Monitor the entire media ecosystem with Notified:

  • Articles across 170,000+ news sites
  • More than 25,000 podcasts
  • TV and radio content from around the world
  • Public posts to millions of Facebook pages
  • Tens of thousands of posts to public discussion boards
  • Millions of videos posted to streaming sites
  • Any public Instagram posts
  • Millions of blog posts
  • Every tweet around the globe
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Social media & online news

Get the global coverage you need. Notified gives you real-time access to millions of online sources, blogs, print, and social media conversations. From editorial news articles to niche forums, our coverage spans 150+ countries. Rest assured that you will never miss a comment or conversation.


Podcast & broadcast monitoring

Monitor key podcasts for brand mentions and media exposure. Easily create searches and alerts for keywords across 25,000+ popular podcasts in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Greek. Track TV and radio coverage no matter where it appears. Our broadcast monitoring lets you search, view and report on relevant content from across the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK and more.

Find the needle in the haystack

With our unique search capabilities, you can build powerful Boolean queries that deliver the results you’re looking for―without being a Boolean expert! Get flexible and configure searches exactly how you want, for every media type and every language, and always find what you’re looking for.

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Simplify your workflow and maximize your success

One simple, unified workflow―instead of multiple disconnected systems―makes it easier for you to be successful. Monitor for brand mentions in Listen, and automatically uncover relevant journalists and influencers with Connect―spotting opportunities to share content when the time is right. Publish branded content and press releases to the wire and your newsroom, and leverage social posts and user-generated content through live feeds and social hubs using Amplify. Most important, track everything you do in Measure for a 360-degree view of success.

Track and measure any social account

Connect and get instant notifications on important events happening on any Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. Compare owned and earned media―all from one dashboard. 

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Historical data

With Notified you don’t have to wait for the information and insights you need. Our deep historical archive gives you instant analytics as soon as you’ve set up a new search profile.

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