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Empowered by earned media

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Build dynamic newsrooms

Publish is designed to let you build a brand experience that wow your audience. It can be set-up in minutes. It´s easy to administrate and customize according to your brand identity. And the best part – it will never be static. You can automatically and continuously revitalize it by strengthening your own stories with earned media.

We help you transfer your existing newsroom, all historical data saved | Integrate it to your own website or host it on ours.

Create stories your audience remembers

Our easy-to-use publishing tool lets you create the stories of your choice, be it a press release, a blog post or any other publishing material. Make it more robust through the use of video and high-res images. All optimized for social sharing and distribution to propel your story.  

Boost authenticity with earned media

Bridge your brand stories with the voice of your ambassadors and fans. Use Listen to find news articles, online reviews and social media posts and publish them in your newsroom. The result is an interactive, everliving brand experience. And you can save up to 90% of your time previously used to update the newsroom.

Simplify your work and maximize the effect

Create and publish your story in your brand newsroom in Publish. Empower it with earned media found in Listen. Distribute it to your media contacts or internal stakeholders through Connect. Visualize your story, togheter with the voice of your consumers, through Amplify. Analyze the full effect with Measure.

Distribute your stories to the right contacts

Using our integrated workflow, you can choose to seamlessly
distribute your news stories to your tailored media contacts lists or more specifically to
a few impactful individuals with the power to skyrocket your story.

Finally prove ROI

Notified is the first platform that lets you track the reach of one specific press release; moreover, you can, in real-time, see who has opened, read, shared and published your distributed content and who has the highest engagement and the biggest reach. Simply put – we let you measure the performance of your communication.  

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