Experiences Beyond the Boundaries of Time and Venue


Event Cloud allows you to put your audience first and design experiences catered to their needs. Embrace your creativity, it is about the journey.



Branded Virtual Venues

Bring your brand to life by creating a unique, immersive experience that makes your audience feel more connected to your brand, the community, and each other.

Choose from a rage of templates or customize your own in 2D or 3D designs. The Page Builder allows you to intuitively craft your event pages and content — from text to images and navigation items.


Robust Engagement Tools to Power Meaningful Connections

Build personalized experiences that inspire engagement and promote meaningful dialogue between presenters, attendees, and sponsors to foster knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Key engagement capabilities:

  • 1:1 meetings and chats
  • Community and collaboration spaces
  • Video roundtables and brainstorming sessions
  • Attendee-to-attendee matchmaking
  • Badging and gamification
  • Pre- and post-webcast virtual lobbies for your standalone webcasts

Flexible Content & Programming

Power your speakers with studio-quality production value to deliver unmatched audio and video presentations to a global audience. With live, simulive, and on-demand broadcasting options, you have the power to control when and how your content is delivered.

Notified Event Cloud allows you to build a robust program and deliver complex multi-track agendas with concurrent sessions unique for your audience.

Flexible Content & Programming

Dynamic Mobile App

Give your attendees the same experience across all their devices. Whether attendees are engaging with the event on their laptop or on a mobile device, feel confident knowing they are getting a consistent, seamless experience.

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Actionable Insights and Maximum ROI

Get the insights you need to drive business results with a single source for unified event data. Your data is a design tool to deliver powerful attendee experiences. The powerful analytics and reporting portal integrates with your marketing tech stack and provides you with real-time metrics and insights about your audience.


Enriching Gamification

Create excitement, increase engagement, and immerse your attendees at your next event by rewarding their actions with gamification and badging.

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Engaging Social Wall

Turn your speakers, attendees, and ambassadors into a marketing force for your brand. Capture and display all social media posts related to your event within the digital environment by adding a social wall. Activate your visual marketing to drive engagement, excitement, and interactivity.


You are in Control of Your Event

Gain complete control over your event, from the front end all the way to the back end.

  • Front end: Customize the experience, add spaces, include brand elements, and edit text whenever you want, even while the event is live.
  • Back end: Streamline and automate your registration and back-end processes. From staff and exhibitor management to call-for-papers and agenda creation.
"In our first purely online Red Hat Summit, we not only successfully transitioned our in-person experience to virtual, but also we reached a far greater audience than we ever could at the physical event. As a result, we see great value including a virtual component to every in-person event strategy moving forward."
Emmett Helmes, Global Online Events Lead, Red Hat