Event Cloud Features


Registration Expand Evolve
Email Communications: Registration Confirmation

Email Communications: Reminders, Post Events

Access Control: Password protection

Access Control: Per user role type


Form Fields


Audience Engagement Expand Evolve
Studio Group Chat, Polling, Q&A**

1:1 Chat

Notifications & Marquees  

Networking Lounge  

1:1 Video Chat  

Video Roundtables*  

Gamification (1 Trivia & 1 Puzzle)  

Gamification: Badges and Leaderboard  

Gamification: Prize Center  

Carbon Savings Calculator

Help Desk (Live Day Attendee Support)

Social Wall*  

Photo Booth*  


1:1 Scheduled Meetings  

Digital Venue Expand Evolve
2D & 3D Design Themes

Mobile Access

Lobby and Session Theaters

Spaces: Resource Center, Networking Lounge, Directory Pages, etc.


Custom designed experience


Sponsor & Exhibitor Expand Evolve
Virtual Exhibit Hall(s)  

Virtual Exhibit Booths with Group & 1:1 Chat  

Exhibitor Portal / Booth Builder  

Promotions & Display Ads  

Sponsored Notifications  

Content Expand Evolve
On-Demand, Simulive, or Live Streaming Sessions

Sessions Delivered via Studio Webcast, Video Upload or 3rd Party Links

Session Theaters & Tracks

Resource Center  

Feedback Survey  

Session Evaluations**  

Poster Gallery (additional fees apply)  

Event Admin Expand Evolve
Standard Reports

Custom Reports*  

Standard Integrations*  

Custom Integrations*  

**Available only in Studio

*Additional fees apply


Event Cloud Evolve Premium Add-Ons

Reporting* Custom Reports


Attendee Engagement*

Photo Booth 

Social Wall 

Twine Networking 


Live Day Support*

Phone Support (live day conference bridge)

Mission Control Room (1/2-day, full day, or multi-day options)

Creative Services* Custom Branding, Custom Design & Layouts
Custom Integrations & Configuration*

Event Technology 

Marketing Automation & CRM Integration 

Custom workflows

Integrated Studio webcasting tool

Support for 3rd party links

Welcome Video* Creation of Welcome Video or sizzle reel
Advanced Registration* Gating and payment

Language Localization

Video Roundtables (30 or 60 minutes)

Poster Gallery

*Additional fees apply


Event Cloud Streaming & Video Production

Delivery: Live, Simu-live, On-Demand  
Delivery: Web and Mobile  
HD Streaming  
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming  
Social Streaming, RTMP Output  
OTT Streaming  
Source: Webcam, Encoder, VCU  
Source: Pre-Recorded Video  
Source: Fiber or Satellite Feed  
Stream Targeting  
MP4 Media Export  
Rehearsal Mode  
Advanced Editing  
QoE Dashboard  
Graphics Overlays & Lower Thirds  
PowerPoint with Animations  
Scene Designer  
Closed Captioning (Live & On-demand)  
Picture-in-Picture Slides & Video  

Contact the Notified team for compatibility and support.






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