3 Tips to Drive Webinar Engagement in 2023

Level-up your webinar strategy to drive demand and build pipeline.

Nicole Liddy

January 18, 2023

Not only are more people attending webinars these days, but they are staying engaged longer, actively choosing this channel for a two-way dialogue with hosts and fellow participants.

Current research indicates that online events, including webinars, produce the best content marketing results. So, how can you use webinar content to boost lead generation, capture demand, and build pipeline while doing it in a way that elevates your webinars above the competition?

Read on for helpful insights to help you create a content strategy that drives webinar engagement!

Let Your Audience Drive Your Webinar Content

Start with creating an audience-driven program by segmenting and getting to know your audience in advance. Why are they attending? What problems need solving? What related topics of interest can you present? Involve your audience in the content conversation.

Webinar Engagement



You can garner content insights directly from your audience at each touchpoint by inviting them to:

  • Submit speaker questions – Use these to add into your talk track. 
  • Discuss the webinar with others on social media platforms.
  • Upvote/downvote a list of questions submitted by other registrants. 
  • Join a chat room to discuss the webinar topic. 
  • Ask them to share things like biggest professional challenges or what informs, inspires, or entertains them.


During the Webinar

Assign a person to regularly assess engagement. Are attendees using chat, asking questions, expressing via emojis, and downloading content? Take an active role in getting and keeping participants engaged by:

  • Encouraging them to participate with emojis if they don’t want to engage with spoken or written words.
  • Ask questions. 
  • Cheerleading discussions.
  • Monitoring a call to action within the webinar console as an opportunity for attendees to raise their hand and signal they are a hot lead.
  • Maintaining a parallel chat that enhances the main presentation.