How to Make Your Investor Day Stand Out

Get tangible tips on how to make your next investor day a success.

April 21, 2023

An increasingly busy analyst and investor community, the growth of retail investors and the emergence of a virtual environment are creating fresh challenges for investor relations teams and their investor days.


One of the biggest days on the IR calendar, it’s important to ensure your investor day delivers a clear message with seamless production as investor days can hugely impact your company's reputation in the capital markets.


Watch our on-demand session with IR Magazine where leaders from Sharon Merrill, Hasbro, and ITT Inc. discussed how to plan an investor day that stands out and effectively engages your stakeholders.



How to Make Your Investor Day Stand Out

Boost engagement and impress stakeholders. 

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You’ll get tangible advice on how to prepare for your next investor day, including tips on:


     Developing compelling, message-driven slides for each presentation

     Maximizing the effectiveness of a hybrid format  

     Leveraging your planning and communications strategy to raise the event’s profile

     Ensuring the wider investor community hears and understands your key messages

     Measuring the success of your investor day


We hope you enjoy this important discussion!