HIMSS Case Study (Experiences)

Learn how HIMSS doubled their conference audience and exceeded sponsorship revenue goals.

April 10, 2023




Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is dedicated to developing the use of information and technology to optimize health engagements and care outcomes. HIMSS, a not-for-profit organization, is a leader in supporting the global health IT community. Headquartered in Chicago, the organization encompasses more than 70,000 individuals with operations in 52 different countries.


Use Case


For their 2019 global conference, HIMSS needed a way to grow their conference audience, increase awareness of their event and engage those who were unable to attend in person.

As the first online broadcasting network to focus exclusively on the positive impacts being made in healthcare with technology, HIMSS needed an integrated and actionable solution to engage with their audience via HIMSS TV.

HIMSS TV live streams from the non-profit’s major events. At the 2019 global conference, programming included panel discussions, event highlights, product demos and interviews hosted by a professional news anchor across multiple stages.




For the second year in a row, HIMSS partnered with Notified to create event television at their global conference (HIMSS19).


HIMSS TV live streamed a multi-day news program to its viewers around the globe. The conference featured an official news desk, field analysts and an on-site studio.


By partnering with Notified, HIMSS was able to create live content and then syndicate it across a wide variety of channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, HIMSS.TV, conference TV monitors, a hotel TV channel and Roku.


By capturing the energy of the live event, Notified's streaming solution brought awareness to HIMSS19 content, sponsors and luminaries.

HIMSS TV doubled their conference audience size and exceeded their sponsorship revenue goals, resulting in a significant increase in event ROI.


Following this success, HIMSS TV expanded its presence and was activated during its 2019 European conference in Helsinki.



  • 349 million total impressions
  • 119,000+ live video views over three days
  • 87,000+ minutes viewed on HIMSS.TV


“There’s a huge interest back home about what’s going on at the show. People used to rely on emails and news that we posted, but TV brings the content home right away and really captures the energy at the show.”


-John Whelan Executive VP | HIMSS Media


HIMSS Case Study