How the PR/Marketing Partnership Should Evolve

Read on to learn the best practices that all PR and marketing pros can put into action from industry experts.     

September 02, 2021

We partnered with PRWeek to host the first-ever PR and marketing “anti-debate.” 

In the spirit of election season, marketing and PR leaders from Southwest Airlines, Levi Strauss and Co. and CAULIPOWER came to the virtual stage to discuss where they excel but also how they can learn from one another and improve.

The Evolution of the PR/Marketing Partnership 

We know that PR and marketing each have their strengths. But when it comes to creating brand awareness, embracing data and proving value to the C-suite, what do the industry’s best and brightest think?

Join Ben Chodor, President of Notified, as he leads a lively conversation where each guest will answer a variety of questions based on a PRWeek survey of communications professionals. You’ll learn best practices that all PR and marketing pros can put into action.

Still not convinced? Check out a quick recap below and be sure to watch the entire discussion on demand.

PR-Marketing Partnership


  • The lines between PR and marketing are more blurred than ever before. In a recent Notified/PRWeek survey of global PR leaders, more than 83% of respondents agreed: “The lines between PR and marketing are more blurred than ever before.” Building a close relationship between the two disciplines is increasingly important. In most organizations, it’s not always clear-cut when determining who’s responsible for driving key business objectives.

  • Marketing is better than PR at targeting consumers further down the purchase funnel. Linking communications activity to direct purchase behavior is clearly a goal for PR, but one that has proved quite challenging.

  • Who’s better at brand storytelling - PR or marketing? In the Notified/PRWeek survey, 90% of respondents said PR. But both disciplines can generate creative ideas and tell brand authentic stories, and our speakers shared how they’ve all been successful at this.

  • Marketing does a better job than PR in establishing universal dashboards that truly quantify and qualify value. This is another area where PR has traditionally struggled. Proving its value to the C-suite has always been a challenge.

  • When it comes to who does a better job creating brand awareness, it’s pretty close. In our Notified/PRWeek survey, 57% of respondents chose marketing while 43% said PR. Our speakers shared ways that PR and marketing can do a great job of creating brand awareness and extending audience reach.

Want to learn more? Watch the entire discussion on demand and stay tuned for our next webinar.

Our Speakers:

Linda Rutherford

Linda Rutherford
SVP and Chief Communications Officer
Southwest Airlines

Jen Sey

Jen Sey
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Levi Strauss & Co.

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith
Chief Marketing & Growth Officer

Ben Chodor

Ben Chodor

Gideon Fidelzeid

Gideon Fidelzeid
Managing Editor