How to Protect and Scale Your Event Strategy

Notified offers a dynamic, low-cost digital experience in parallel with your in-person event.

April 10, 2023

Over the past 18 months, event professionals, an incredibly organized, creative, brave, and resourceful group, have faced unprecedented challenges. They’ve adapted quickly and effectively to new solutions to maintain business continuity. 


Above all, business events have endured in a reality where there is no second take.


As the industry now evolves to a new chapter, event professionals need flexible solutions to manage and deliver immersive experiences. Moving your strategy between in-person events and virtual events can be overwhelming. 


How can you overcome this challenge? By investing in plan A and securing plan B to realize peace of mind, whether that means delivering and amplifying your in-person event, transitioning to virtual delivery, or more likely delivering a compelling hybrid experience


Peace of Mind For Your Events 


Insurance in the form of a digital experience mitigates risk and keeps your event on track, even amid unforeseen disruptions, and puts you on track for tomorrow’s likely omnichannel delivery model.


With the acceleration of technology, market expectation around digital participation in events has now been established as a norm. A digital channel alongside in-person events is now table stakes to be a competitive as a forward-thinking event. 


A digital channel alongside in-person events delivers value through extended longevity, flexibility, scalability, and the capacity to gather a breadth and depth of data that not historically been part of the equation with in-person events alone. 


  • How do you secure a solution that is valuable even when you don’t cancel your event?
  • How do you maintain your event’s bottom line?
  • How do you plan and, at the same time, remain flexible? 


Notified has an affordable, flexible solution that combines event insurance with the opportunity to add and develop digital event capabilities and expertise, effective immediately. 


Introducing EventAB by Notified 


EventAB is a fully dynamic, low-cost starter digital solution that puts you on a track to the next generation of business events and adapts to a variety of unexpected participation restrictions.  


Notified will create a digital experience to amplify your in-person event, at a scale in real time in an ever-changing environment. 


At the same time, you can easily and quickly amplify and change the way your content is delivered to deliver your ideal community experience, in the heart of a digital-first business event. 


With EventAB, you can:

  • Protect your event
  • Support your sponsors
  • Remain cost effective
  • Maintain your commitment to your audience and organization


EventAB is a practical investment. Notified will help you design an event that amplifies your in-person experience and aligns with your strategy and business objectives. In a moment, you can change your delivery model, adapt, scale quickly, and replace painful conversations about whether to cancel with a real time solution that adapts to new circumstances.


Event Strategy


Why Does EventAB Makes Sense For Your Event? 


With EventAB, you can deploy in the moment of disruption. Your starting point is a fully functional low-cost digital experience that supports your in-person event, effectively creating an integrated hybrid experience.



  • Supports up to 1,000 virtual attendees
  • Includes mobile access
  • Works from a single enterprise platform with enterprise-ready integrations. 
  • Includes a team of Notified experts who will be available to offer project management, event configuration and front-line support. 
  • Is built from one of four launchpad environments:


Event Strategy


You can go live from any device at any time and deliver an immersive event experience that impresses your audience and supports your event objectives.


EventAB includes all of the features and functions essential to amplifying your in-person or virtual event, at any point in the event life cycle:


  • Standard registration
  • Event themes and spaces 
  • Email communications
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Social media (content sharing, social login) 
  • Up to five webcast sessions 
  • Engagement/Interactivity (chat/video chat, presentation tracks, search, surveys)
  • Robust data portal and metrics


With a low-cost entry point of between $15,000-$25,000 viewed as a percentage of your budget, or as a per capita cost, EventAB is an affordable investment in this next generation of business events.


By running a parallel digital experience, you: 


  • Deliver on market expectations
  • Develop digital event skills
  • Tap expert resources
  • Extend reach
  • Expand sponsorship/monetizing opportunities
  • Build a cache of priceless data to inform the events business
  • Power your marketing, product development, sales, public relations, and other business groups as a valuable partner


Futureproof Your Events


Even if the threat of COVID was completely eradicated tomorrow, event planners will still feel the impact when building in-person events in 2021, 2022 and beyond. 


Organizations and individuals will inevitably be hyper-focused on recovery from the impact of the pandemic. 

  • Budgets will undoubtedly be constrained
  • Talent resources will be focused on building back
  • Time away will be low on the list of priorities for both organizations and participants. 


EventAB moves you forward to achieve your event goals and vision, no matter what conditions may or may not impact in-person participation.


Learn more about EventAB or contact us today for a demo.