Introducing Matchmaking for Enhanced Event Engagement

Our end-to-end event platform has now added matchmaking to its list of product features, enhancing your event networking and engagement. 

Peter Kidd

April 10, 2023

Our end-to-end event platform has added matchmaking to its list of product features, enhancing your event networking and engagement.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), matchmaking creates more personalized networking experiences for event attendees while providing engagement metrics to marketers and event organizers.

Matchmaking provides attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors highly targeted recommendations to connect with and meet other people aligned with their professional goals and interests.

With our new matchmaking feature, you can:

  • Increase Attendee Engagement – By design, matchmaking brings people together, driving a higher level of relevant interaction and engagement.
  • Save Time – Planning meetings in advance helps attendees and exhibitors focus on interacting with people who share similar professional and business goals as soon as they enter the live event.
  • Drive Leads and Achieve Greater ROI – AI analysis of attendees’ interests and goals generates connection recommendations that result in higher quality leads for exhibitors and relevant experiences for buyers.
  • Collect Valuable Data – Event organizers can access data on attendee-to-attendee and attendee-to-exhibitor engagement and insights on connections made and meetings conducted.

How Does Event Matchmaking Work?

Matchmaking is now available for Notified clients running virtual and hybrid events.

Here’s how it works:

  • During the registration process, attendees can choose to participate in matchmaking and then refine profile details with additional areas of interest.

  • As users add information and interact with their personalized home feed, AI technology learns and generates highly accurate recommendations of attendees and exhibitors with similar interests.

  • Prior to and during the live event, participants can log in to update their profile details, access matchmaking recommendations, proactively request and accept meetings, and manage their meeting schedule.

“The rapid shift to virtual events last year accelerated the event model of the future,” said Ben Chodor, president of Notified. “Beyond providing powerful content, engagement and networking are top priorities for event attendees around the world. Personal connections and shared experience are essential to an immersive, productive business event experience – and our new matchmaking gives attendees the ability to network and build meaningful connections.”

Event Matchmaking 5

Matchmaking is accessed from the virtual event top navigation.


Event Matchmaking 6

Event participants complete matchmaking profiles, adding interests to refine AI meeting recommendations.


Event Matchmaking 7

Event participants interact with a personalized home feed of recommended matches. Accept, decline, or anonymously skip recommendations and requests, and manage meetings with other attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.


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