Notified Introduces Podcast Monitoring and Reporting

Learn how the introduction of podcast monitoring to the Notified PR platform is the next step in ensuring customers have access to the entire media ecosystem.

September 02, 2021

The Notified PR platform now includes podcast monitoring! Together with print, online news and social media, the Notified PR platform's listening, measurement and alert capabilities now include the ability to monitor podcasts from around the world.

Public relations and marketing professionals now have more opportunity to look across a broader spectrum of media for relevant mentions of their brand.

The Introduction to Podcast Monitoring 

"This is a medium that PR and marketing professionals cannot afford to ignore,” said Ben Chodor, President of Notified. “Our mission with Notified is to arm our customers with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions about their campaign strategies. Adding podcast monitoring to our PR platform is the next step in ensuring they have access to the entire media ecosystem, all within a single platform.”


This new feature allows users to create searches and alerts for every word spoken in more than 20,000 popular podcasts. In addition to English, podcasts are indexed in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Greek.

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