Sneak Peek: Notified Event Cloud

Learn how our event platform can help you build an inclusive and engaging experience. 

Nicole Liddy

May 11, 2022

How we consume content and connect with others has evolved drastically. The way consumers interact with brands has shifted as people have begun to prioritize their time and what benefits them the most. 

When it comes to events, audiences are looking for optionality. Giving attendees the choice to attend your event either in-person or virtually allows for the flexibility and inclusivity they are looking for. Event planners and marketers need a smarter event platform that allows them to build immersive, flexible, and engaging events.

Notified Event Cloud is that technology and more, supporting the entire event portfolio - from single session webcasts to year-round experiences whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person. 

In our most recent webinar, our experts walk us through an exclusive product demo of Notified Event Cloud’s world-class capabilities. Read on to learn how you can build an inclusive event experience.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Event Cloud helps you build an event that gives your brand a voice and can cater to your attendees wants and needs, no matter their learning style. 

With access to a variety of templates, it’s easy to create an event environment in minutes that gives your brand a voice and is beautifully designed and interactive. 

One of our templates not true to your brand? That’s fine too. We offer customizable branding tools that allow you to build your own theme and template based on the needs of your attendees. These options make creating an event very simple.

In terms of inclusivity – the event platform automatically provides a pass or fail when custom colors are chosen. This allows event planners to create the most inclusive and accessible environment that can make each of their attendees feel welcome and catered to. Choose from a rage of fully brandable templates that inspire engagement and promote meaningful dialogue between presenters, attendees, and sponsors.


Focus On Attendee Experience 

Next, we must consider the attendee experience. Your attendees are coming to your event to be a part of a mutually beneficial community where you can learn from other attendees, speakers and experts. 


Notified Event Cloud can help you build a lasting community in many ways, including allowing you to:

  • Tailor your registration form with unlimited custom fields to get the exact information you need
  • Maintain your event’s branded experience with customizable form design and confirmation emails
  • Host brainstorming sessions
  • Turn your speakers and attendees into a marketing force with our social wall
  • Stir up excitement, increase engagement, and immerse your attendees at your next event by rewarding their actions with Event Cloud gamification
  • Incentivize platform exploration by rewarding attendees with points and badges
  • Keep track of top reward earners in real-time on our Leaderboard
  • Create custom badges and point systems for your specific event’s needs


The Planner Experience 

Along with providing an engaging and interactive event experience for attendees, we also want to make sure event planners have the easiest time possible designing and executing the event. Notified Event Cloud’s tools allow you to streamline and automate your back-end processes allowing for simple planning leading up to your event.

Speaker Management 

Our backend event platform allows speakers to submit their profile info, upload their session content, collaborate with the content team, view session feedback and more - so you don’t have to chase them down for information. Speakers get invited to work and collaborate on content and can:

  • Collect various resources
  • Add content straight into collaborative workspaces
  • Upload, collaborate, approve, and publish final presentations


Sponsor and Exhibitor Management

Give sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to participate in content creation to create monetization opportunities. A best practice to give your sponsors the most value is to position them as experts rather than sales reps. Rather than sponsors taking a sales approach, you can incorporate them into the actual event and provide them with opportunities to engage with attendees. 

This can also help your sponsors form valuable relationships and connections that will help benefit them more in the long run. Some ideas you can use to leverage your sponsors include:

  • Invite them to host brainstorming sessions
  • Incorporate them into a panel discussion
  • Ask them to record an introductory video to include in the program
  • Encourage them to participate in the chat in the event lobby


Watch Our Product Demo

Events have evolved, and we now engage with our audience 365 days each year rather than just once. How do we repurpose those experiences using the latest technology?


Notified Event Cloud is an all-in-one event platform and allows you to plan your next event while keeping inclusivity at the top of your mind - whether you next event is virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Check out our on-demand product demo to see our tech in action.