How to Leverage Your Webinars and Virtual Events for Demand Generation

Design experiences that generate demand, build pipeline, and drive revenue.

Nicole Liddy

April 11, 2023

78% of marketers believe online events are a highly effective channel for delivering a relevant branding message to the target audience, according to a recent survey by Wainhouse. We have seen this to be true because over the past few years, virtual events and webinars have become a top-performing channel for generating revenue and driving demand.

Today, we as marketers have more event tech options available to us than ever before. Webinars and virtual events offer a vehicle for generating leads and have proven to be effective venues to connect and engage with your target audience. 

63% of sales and marketing executives agree it's more cost-effective to generate leads at an online event than a traditional in-person tradeshow.

In our recent whitepaper, in partnership with Wainhouse, we take a deeper look at Notified Event Cloud and how it supports the evolving role of webinars and virtual events in the world of marketing. Here’s how:

Effective Audience Management Tools




With webinars and virtual events, we have access to tools that benefit the audience experience as well as the planner experience that we wouldn’t normally have at an in-person event.

Event Cloud offers tools to help you automate and streamline:

  • Registration
  • Content Management 
  • Sponsor and exhibitor management
  • Staff management 

Webinar Production for Lead Generation

If you are planning to drive demand for conference sessions, product launch events, and other marketing content, virtual events and webinars are one of your best and most cost-effective options.

Event Cloud offers broadcast quality streaming, live or pre-recorded, through the “studio in the cloud” that allows you to avoid the need for high-cost production studios and equipment.

Unlike many other event technology solutions that only stream video content from external sources, Event Cloud offers integrated feature options that give marketers the ability to stream presentation content across multiple channels such as:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Live
  • Roku 
  • Apple TV

Use your webinar to position yourself as a thought leader, get to know your attendees wants and needs and tailor your content to fit those needs. When you understand your attendees, their likes, what motivates them etc., you can easily pass that information to sales for better targeted and informed lead gen.

Event Engagement Capabilities




The key to a successful webinar, is to build a community that your attendees can gather at before, during, and after the event. When they have positive interactions with your platform, other attendees, and the speakers/sponsors, they are more likely to associate a positive experience with your brand and in turn, become a more qualified lead for you to pass to sales. Notified Event Cloud offers event engagement features that you can use to give your attendees the best possible experience.  


Event Cloud offers a range of engagement tools designed specifically to foster interaction and engagement such as:

  • 1:1 meetings and chats
  • Community and collaboration spaces
  • Video roundtables and brainstorming sessions
  • Attendee-to-attendee matchmaking
  • Badging and gamification
  • Pre- and post-webcast virtual lobbies for your standalone webcasts

Robust Event Analytics

Not only can you manage and view everything that goes on within the event environment, but, after your live event, you get access to a wealth of information—what meetings happened, the dollar value of those meetings, who was in-demand, what topics were hot, and more.

58% of sales and marketing executives agree that “We have significant interest in tools that allow us to combine and analyze participant data across a series of virtual events.”

The ways in which event attendees engage with conference sessions and each other can provide marketers key clues to help them identify and prioritize prospects from most sales ready to least. Attendees who ask questions during Q&A sessions, for instance, may show more interest in a solution than attendees not asking questions.

While all of the platform’s features are important to organizations seeking to incorporate virtual events into their marketing program, the analytics tools play perhaps the largest role in converting online marketing activity into tangible business results. By leveraging attendee data to better target prospective customers, solid analytics can lead directly to higher revenue.

Incorporate This Technology into Your Demand Generation Strategy



Demand generation is a critical strategy in a marketers tool box and when used correctly, can help build reliable brand awareness and interest. It not only attracts new potential customers, but can also attract previous clients to reengage with you and your brand.

Notified Event Cloud offers a range of capabilities that can help you deliver these effective and high impact events that build community and lead to more sale’s ready customers. Download the full whitepaper to see how you can integrate this technology into your demand generation strategy.