Top Efficiency Hacks Every Event Planner Needs

Learn the latest efficiency hacks that help streamline your event management tasks. 

Nicole Liddy

August 22, 2022

If you’re an event planner juggling more responsibilities and dealing with a backlog of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, it’s time to start thinking about event tech as an efficiency hack rather than an added stress.

Why? Because we simply cannot afford to do things the way we used to.

Oftentimes as event planners, we spend so much time on tactical work and actually miss out on the strategic aspect of event planning. We are constantly juggling so many different responsibilities that consume most of our time and can be difficult to deal with, including:

  • Chasing down speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for content, bios, or headshots
  • Having limited resources and staffing shortage and being expected to do more with less
  • Managing events in a variety of formats including in-person, virtual, and hybrid
  • Planning multiple events at once
  • Having to stay flexible and adapt to an always changing event space

Now is the time to lean into technology that helps streamline event management tasks so we can focus on crafting an event that will provide our attendees with the most value.

In our recent webinar, Efficiency Hacks Every Event Planner Needs, our experts shared some of their favorite efficiency hacks that make event planning easier and more collaborative.

Read on for some of our favorite hacks!

Efficiency Hack #1 - Eliminate Attachment Overload and Streamline Input from Speakers, Sponsors, and Exhibitors

The more complicated an event is, the more reason there is to lean into the technologies – whether your event is in-person, virtual, or both.

Gathering content is a common pain point among event planners and unfortunately a lot of our time is revolved around chasing down speakers, sponsors, and staff for various content.

Start off your event planning by figuring out what content you need and asking yourself, “who are the players you need the content from? What information do you need to collect and what can they provide you with? What can I do in advance that will make my life easier?”

Speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors have plenty of content they need to share and manage. Hence, an event’s content is not limited to your own team.

A well-designed event platform will allow speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to fill in their own information and upload content. Your role then simplified to provide final approval.

Efficiency Hack #2 – Use Event Platforms That Have Tools Which Allow You to Stay in Control

Use event platforms that allow you to approve or decline assets. By giving your team access to go in to approve or deny things, you remove the need to chase them down for assets with one-off emails.

When you are giving different stakeholders permission to a tool where they can go to work for themselves, you are saving everyone from that long email thread with 15 people and eliminating attachment overload.

You might worry that embracing collaborative tech means accidentally enabling a free-for-all among speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. The good news is that Notified Event Cloud includes a range of permission-based access throughout the backend and allows you to assign graders to approve all content before it gets published.

Having approval tools that your team can go in and approve or decline allows you to easily approve something before it gets published on the site or at the event, so you are not backpedaling at the last second.

Efficiency Hack #3: Make Schedule Management Easier

We all know the struggles of managing multiple employees and making sure everyone is getting their work done. There are so many moving parts when it comes to planning events and it can be hard to track who’s in control of what, who owns what, who’s managing and tracking content.

We can spend a lot of time our own employees and staff that we miss out on crafting the event.

Create workgroups, schedule shifts, and automate calendar updates for onsite and remote staff efficiently. Notified’s staffing portal allows you to create different work groups with locations, shifts, and break times for people.

Instead of spreadsheets and emails, it will automatically send meeting requests to every person on staff and allows you to make changes in one place.

Efficiency Hack #4 – Have Your Event Tech Work for You

Your tech tools are only as good as your strategy: understanding what you need to accomplish, can help you find the right tech that will work for you.

Having tools that allow you to create workgroups, schedule shifts, and automate calendar updates for either on-site or remote staff keeps your team on track and saves you time scheduling and setting up meetings one at a time.

When it comes to upper management, you have to be explicit and align your priorities with their goals. Management isn’t in the weeds like event planners, so providing them with as much information and details along with having very specific conversations about the timelines you are working on, are important to achieving both your goals and those of management.

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Efficiency Hacks Every Event Planner Needs

Learn the latest hacks to help streamline your event management tasks.

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