Product Announcement: Unison

Are you ready for smarter, simpler investor relations communications? Keep reading to learn more about Unison, what makes this product so unique and how you can get a demo.

Ben Chodor

August 19, 2020

Are you ready for smarter, simpler investor relations communications?

I’m excited to introduce Unison, a single destination for integrated IR comms. Unison is a game changer for IR teams and is purpose-built to solve their challenges.

Keep reading to learn more about Unison, what makes this product so unique and how you can get a demo.

Why Unison?

Unison makes IR communications simpler for our clients by eliminating the need to manage multiple systems and vendors. Everything you need is in one platform:

You and your team can easily access and switch between applications, manage your calendar of events and analyze data across your IR communications.

Beyond access to your solutions is the wealth of data at your fingertips. Key metrics help you measure and benchmark your performance, whether it’s for a specific event or across multiple activities.

What Are Unison’s Features?

Unison provides an integrated experience for across your IR communications. Features include:

  • A Single Point of Access: All Notified IR communications solutions are available in the platform, including webcasting, webhosting, GlobeNewswire and governance hotline via one URL with one login and password.
  • Dashboard: The Unison dashboard gives you easy access to your applications, activities, at-a-glance KPIs, latest news and direct access to customer support.
  • Application Switcher: You can seamlessly switch between your different applications from within Unison, eliminating the need to visit separate websites and log in to multiple platforms.
  • Calendar: All IR activities are automatically managed and displayed in an interactive calendar, with single-click links to all events and quick access to actionable reports.
  • Benchmark Reporting: New reporting capabilities provide KPI and trend analytics for press releases, webcasts and IR websites. You can quickly identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement while comparing and benchmarking against peers.

Interested in Learning More About Unison?

If you have questions, or would like a demo, visit our website.

Unison is the latest proof point of our commitment to deliver the best digital communications solutions for clients. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and the industry in new and exciting ways.

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Ben Chodor