3 Tips to Engage Your Virtual Event Audience

Learn how to create better virtual event engagement.

Pete Kidd

April 10, 2023

It can be difficult to foster virtual event engagement. The nature of attending an online event means there are MANY distractions vying for your attendees’ attention - think email and social media, just to name a few!


But moving from in-person to virtual doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice engagement. Far from it.


Keep reading to learn 3 tips you can implement to better engage your virtual event audience.


How Can You Engage Face-to-Face With Virtual Event Attendees?

As marketers and event planners, we need to do more than just bring events online. We need to recreate the in-person experience. And to do that, we need the right set of video tools to create real and lasting virtual event engagement with attendees.


  • Tip #1 - Use Scheduled Breakout Rooms: Scheduled Breakout Rooms are a great way to allow sponsors, presenters and event organizers to host group conversations within a booth, theater or presentation. On the Notified virtual event platform, these rooms let hosts and sponsors hold pre-scheduled video breakout sessions within the event space.
  • Tip #2 - Implement 1-on-1 Video Chat to Emulate Real-World Interaction: 1-to-1 Video Chat lets attendees network and interact with each other within the virtual environment. This is a valuable feature for both attendees and sponsors! It means important video conversations can happen at any time. The Notified virtual events platform even supports screen sharing and text-based chat for these video interactions.


Our final tip is based on human psychology and is a tried and true method of generating high levels of engagement at your next virtual event.


Use Gamification in Your Virtual Event

In all walks of life, we strive for reward, status, achievement, self-expression, competition and altruism. Game mechanics can be used in virtual event platforms to drive engagement around these desires.


While not common during in-person conferences, when you bring events online gamification can add significantly to the overall experience and engagement for your attendees.


More and more virtual event organizers are seeing the benefits. In 2020, over 1.3 million games were played in our virtual events platform – a 995% increase from 2019!


It’s not just about the content; people also want to have fun and be entertained.


  • Tip #3 - Take Advantage of the Power of Gamification: It’s a solid engagement tool and can be used to drive traffic to sponsor booths, increase session attendance, improve networking and more. Game mechanics can include points, levels, challenges, virtual goods, leaderboards, gifting and charity.


If you follow these 3 tips, your next virtual event will give you the engagement results you're looking for.

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