Tap into millions of conversations in realtime. Discover what’s important for your brand.

The best coverage on the market

Notified gives you instant access to millions of online conversations. From editorial news articles to niche forums, our coverage spans over 100 countries. Rest assured that you will never miss a comment or conversation.

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Boolean queries made simple

With our query builder, even beginners can build powerful queries that brings exactly the result you’re looking for. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to configure the search exactly how you want – for every media type and for every language.

”Notified is a simple and essential tool in order for me to get a overview of how people talk about our brand every day.

My main reason for choosing Notified is the people! Whenever I choose a supplier, the people always make up at least 70 % of my decision. I love working with Notified and they embrace customer service, engagement and have great knowledge!”

Jessica W Sandberg, PR-manager

Track and measure any social account

Connect and get instant notifications on important events happening on any Twitter, Instagram or Facebook-account. Compare owned and earned media – all from one dashboard.

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Historical data

With Notified you don’t have to wait for insights. Our deep historical archive gives you instant analytics as soon as you’ve set up a new search profile.

Stunning interface

Social listening should be fun! That’s why we designed Notified to be a delight to use – both from a UX- and design-perspective

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