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Keep your teams informed of the global issues and events impacting your company with News Briefs. Get the customized campaign measurement you need with Analysis Reports.
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Whether you need daily media updates, alerts for crisis management, or reports on brand health and campaign success, we can customize a solution just for you. We combine automated tracking across global media sources with hands-on curation by our analyst team. Your reports are free of noise and duplicate content, giving you only relevant and actionable information.

News Briefs

Stay updated with what people are saying about your brand, competitors and industry with a digest of custom-curated news sent right to your inbox and easily shared across your organization.

  • Want to report on daily brand mentions in the media?
  • Need to keep internal teams updated on competitors’ activity?
  • Wish to closely track news and events for crisis management?

News Briefs compile mentions based on the keywords you choose. It’s easy to segment your brief into categories like company coverage, competitor mentions, industry activity, social media mentions, and more.

What’s in Your News Brief?

  • Customized template that matches your brand
  • News segmented into easy-to-read categories
  • Content sourced across online, traditional and social media
  • Delivered daily, weekly or monthly
  • Hyperlinked titles with direct access to content
  • Text previews of each article in your brief
  • Sentiment for each article coded by one of our analysts

News Briefs

Analysis Reports

Get a customized analysis of your campaigns and communications activities. Measure performance against your KPIs to help you understand the impact of your programs to help inform business decisions.

  • Need to measure the impact of a product launch?
  • Want to understand media coverage trends?
  • Wish to measure your brand positioning against your competitors?

Analysis Reports make it easy for all stakeholders to understand the findings. All reports are branded and formatted to your specifications, delivered when you choose (weekly, monthly, quarterly), and available in multiple formats including mobile-friendly HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or Word.

Analysis Reports

What’s in your Analysis Report?

  • Executive summary
  • Data visualization charts and graphs illustrating trends
  • Analyst commentary providing informational context and depth
  • Report methodology to ensure consistency of approach and impartiality
  • Glossary of terminology
  • Reading source lists used to compile report
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Customer Support and Setup
We’ll take the time to understand your goals to build briefs and reports that meet your needs. And we’ll ensure your data is precise and the results are meaningful.

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