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World class media monitoring

With Notified´s media monitoring tool, you get instant access to millions of sources across news, social media and spoken word. Create searches that helps you get the insights you need, whether it is about your brand reputation, moves by your competitors or specific industry news. Get instant notifications delivered the way you prefer.

The best coverage on the market

Notified gives you instant access to millions of online conversations. From editorial news articles to niche forums, our coverage spans over 100 countries. Rest assured that you will never miss a comment or conversation.

Find the needle in the haystack

With our unique search methodology, you can build powerful boolean queries that brings exactly the result you’re looking for. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to configure the search exactly how you want – for every media type and for every language.

Simplify your work and maximize the effect

One simple workflow, as opposed to several interconnected systems, makes it easier for you to fully profit from your new network of journalists and influencers. Keep expanding the network based on your monitoring profiles in Listen, distribute your content created in Publish through your built up, tailored distribution lists in Connect and analyze the effect in Measure.

Track and measure any social account

Connect and get instant notifications on important events happening on any Twitter, Instagram or Facebook-account. Compare owned and earned media – all from one dashboard.

Historical data

With Notified you don’t have to wait for insights. Our deep historical archive gives you instant analytics as soon as you’ve set up a new search profile.

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