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Build powerful relationships

The list of influencers and journalists is a real-time updated contact database based on the media monitoring you have done with Listen. At the same time, it is a search engine that allows you to freely discover influencers and journalists based on your preferences – whether it be the most viral one or one in a small niche segment.

Entering a new market? Set up a new search in Listen and soon you will have the most relevant contacts to approach.

Pinpoint the right people

Need to find the leading authority on electric cars in Norway? Connect will help you find him or her. There are no limitations with how precise you can get with your media contacts search.

Valuable statistics on
each influencer

Thanks to Connect’s fine-tuned search engine, you will automatically discover the most viral journalists and influencers based on their reach. After that, they can be prioritized by social shares, publication reach, number of articles or specific segment.

Engage the right audiences

Use the combination of listening data and our influencer database to find the right people that are already talking about your topics . Export them into relevant advertisment platforms and and launch precisely targeted campaigns.

Simplify your work and maximize the effect

One simple workflow, as opposed to several interconnected systems, makes it easier for you to fully profit from your new network of journalists and influencers. Keep expanding the network based on your monitoring profiles in Listen, distribute your content created in Publish through your built up, tailored distribution lists in Connect and analyze the effect in Measure.

Are you ready to meet your influencers?