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Empower your brand with authentic stories

Build a stronger, more trusted brand by empowering your owned content with content created by your ambassadors, customers, and the media. Visualize user-generated content (UGC) across your website, newsroom, and events―all of the digital touchpoints where your target audiences meet your brand.

Fuel your website with authentic content

Easily create engaging social hubs that showcase the best user-generated content and social posts specific to your brand. Embed hubs in seconds into any CMS―it’s easy to add a new level of interest to your site and boost authenticity for your brand.

Build trust, increase conversions

Seamlessly integrate the voice of your customers into your website and your check-out experience. Leverage the power of authentic content, positive reviews, and customer engagement to drive online conversion rates.

Simplify your workflow and maximize your success

One simple, unified workflow―instead of multiple disconnected systems―makes it easier for you to be successful. Monitor for brand mentions in Listen, and automatically uncover relevant journalists and influencers with Connect―spotting opportunities to share content when the time is right. Publish branded content and press releases to the wire and your newsroom, and leverage social posts and user-generated content through live feeds and social hubs using Amplify. Most important, track everything you do in Measure for a 360-degree view of success.

Turn your live audience into a marketing force

A social display is the perfect addition to your next event. Activate your audience by engaging them in the conversation. Boost excitement, interactions, and impressions for your brand and your event.

Make it look stunning

Easily customize every aspect of your social display to seamlessly match your brand. Use our beautiful out-of-the box templates or create unique experiences with our developer tools. Our displays look great on all devices, from mobile phone to Jumbotron.

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