Get rich insights on your marketing efforts – how you perform and how you can succeed even better

Tailored insights

With our customizable dashboards, we ensure that every user in every department gets exactly the insights they need. Our amazingly flexible interface lets the data work for you.

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Be one step ahead

We’re focused on forging the path for the next level of social intelligence. From automated alerts for emerging issues and trends, to smart attribution through earned vs owned media analysis.

Compare earned vs owned media

See how the conversation spreads from owned to earned channels. Optimize your efforts and see the results.

“Notfied helps us keep track of what’s being written about projects in all different media. We choose Notified because of it’s simplicity, that it’s visually appealing and very easy to use!”

Sarah Bohman, Project Manager, Raoul Wallenberg Academy

Discover emerging trends

Quickly assemble beautiful dashboards that tells a comprehensive story at-a-glance. Discover trends or emerging issues before they happen – not after.

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Understand your demographics

Get insights into the “who'” in the conversation. With detailed demographics and meta data, you can go way beyond just seeing volume graphs and charts.

Discover your influencers

Quickly filter and discover the most relevant people for your brand. Find out who’s driving the conversation and what you can do to engage with them. Use the insight to turn them into ambassadors for your brand.

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